Google Testing New Playables Gaming Feature on YouTube

Google Testing New Playables Gaming Feature on YouTube

Google is reportedly ⁤testing out a new “Playables” gaming feature on its YouTube platform. This game streaming service would allow viewers to play online games‍ without leaving YouTube, giving‌ them the ability to watch and play at the same time.

Google recently announced that⁤ it is testing out the new gaming feature ​with a⁢ small group of ⁣users⁣ to get feedback. The ⁣feature is similar to existing services such as Twitch‌ and Steam,⁣ but it is ⁢based directly within YouTube. This could make it easier for users to access ‌games without​ having to switch platforms.

The new feature is expected to be housed within YouTube’s gaming section. From there, users⁤ will be able to discover⁣ and play a selection of games from popular ⁤publishers and ⁣independent game⁢ developers. There will‍ also apparently ​be an option to purchase games within YouTube.

Google is ⁣said⁣ to be partnering with developers and publishers to bring ⁤popular⁤ titles to the platform. Initially, the library of games will be quite small but it is expected that it will grow‌ over time. Google is also reportedly working on tools to allow users to stream their own gameplay⁣ to YouTube.

This move comes as the ‍gaming industry continues to ‍grow, with more and more⁢ people playing games online. ​It allows Google ​to capitalize on this ⁣growing market and gives users access to ⁢games directly within‍ YouTube.

It​ will be interesting to see how this ‌new feature develops, and​ how users respond ‍to it. If it is successful, it could ‍open up a whole new ​way to discover and play ​games within YouTube.

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