Get the Most Out of Your Poliwrath in Pokemon Go: What’s the Best Moveset and Is it Worth It?

Get the Most Out of Your Poliwrath in Pokemon Go: What’s the Best Moveset and Is it Worth It?

‍An intrepid‌ poliwrath ​is​ a ​formidable foe in‍ Pokemon ‍Go.⁣ While ⁣its⁤ offensive movesets are ⁢not ⁢quite as good ⁤as⁢ its⁢ raining ⁤super ⁣effective ​Water-type ⁣attacks,‌ the ​battle⁤ potential⁢ of⁢ the Water/Fighting ​hybrid ​is​ undeniable.⁢ With good defensive ⁤and status movesets, ‌many⁣ trainers opt ​to use Poliwrath over ‍the more⁣ effective⁤ Gyarados or‌ Blastoise for specific raid‍ battles‌ and⁣ gym battles. So let’s⁤ explore the⁢ best ⁤Poliwrath moveset and ​decide if the‌ creature⁣ is worth ‌deploying as part of⁤ your‍ active party.

Best‌ Moveset⁢ for​ Poliwrath

Poliwrath’s⁤ offensive moves can ⁤vary ⁤depending on your team‍ composition, ⁣but⁤ its ⁢best​ overall‍ set ‍is ‍the Water Gun/Hydro ‌Pump duo. This​ two-move combination ⁤offers‌ the ‌trademark super-effective ‍Water damage ‍with ‌good coverage, ‍and the Hydro ‌Pump⁤ option ‍is ‍especially‍ powerful. If you’re looking ⁤for ⁢another powerful Water-type option,⁢ consider ⁣using ‌Mud ⁣Shot ​or Bubble over‍ Water ⁣Gun​ if you don’t ‌want⁣ to ‌risk‍ moving ⁢the meter too quickly.

For⁣ defensive ‌moves,⁣ Poliwrath is best off ​with ‌a⁢ dual-move set of Submission and Brine. Submission is an ⁣especially ⁤useful ‍Fighting-type move,​ offering the only super ⁣effective move⁤ available​ to Poliwrath against Rock- and ‌Steel-type Pokemon,⁤ while ​Brine ⁣deals ‌decent STAB‍ damage. This⁤ combination ⁤is‌ also effective ‌against Dark ​and Ice-type​ Pokemon, making⁢ it⁤ a solid all-around‍ defensive⁢ moveset.

Is Poliwrath Worth ​It?

Given its wide array of‌ moves and‍ respectable stats, Poliwrath ⁣is a ⁤strong⁢ addition ​to ⁣any team. ​It can tank and punish nearly every type,⁣ except ‍for Grass​ and ‌Electric, and it ⁣can even take​ down Dragon-type Pokemon⁣ with the right‌ moveset. As ​long ⁣as‌ you ‍have a​ relatively balanced⁤ team, ‍Poliwrath ⁣is ‌worth‌ considering ⁤for your team.

Furthermore, Poliwrath ⁣is also a⁣ good choice for gym battles, thanks to its tanky defense⁣ and‌ damage‍ output. It ⁢is‍ also ⁢noteworthy that⁤ many ‍trainers ⁣opt to use‍ defensive ⁣Poliwrath‌ in ​raids⁣ alongside Gyarados ‍and Blastoise to diversify‍ their⁤ defensive lineup.

Final Word

Poliwrath ⁣is⁢ an incredibly ⁢versatile Pokemon‌ that can​ compliment nearly any ‌team ​in ‍Pokemon​ Go.⁣ Its‌ best moveset ⁢is Water Gun/Hydro Pump ​paired ⁢with Submission/Brine,⁢ but it can also ⁤branch ⁤out⁣ to other moves ⁣like ⁣Mud⁢ Shot or Bubble if‍ you ‍don’t ⁤want to risk ‌moving⁢ the ⁣meter too quickly. The Water/Fighting ⁤type ⁤makes a great ‍addition to‍ battle ‌teams and​ is well worth considering as⁤ a⁢ staple Pokemon ⁢for ​your⁣ team.

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