Game On: The Best Cosplay At gamescom 2023

Game On: The Best Cosplay At gamescom 2023

Game On: The Best Cosplay At gamescom‌ 2023

This year’s gamescom event in ‍Cologne, Germany was an unforgettable event for every kind of gamer out there. This year was no ‌exception as the ambitious and creative cosplays by fans ⁢walking the show floor was well‌ noted. Here ⁣are the best cosplays BY fans walking the show⁢ floor at gamescom 2023.

1.⁢ Edelgard von Hresvelg from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The determined leader ‍of the​ Black Eagles from Fire Emblem: Three ‌Houses stole the⁣ show with her power and composure. From her perfect costume to her superpower and down to her sword, fans⁤ knew they were seeing something special.

2.​ Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening

This warrior princess ⁣from Fire Emblem: Awakening⁤ didn’t settle⁢ for anything less than‍ impressive. ⁣With a powerful battle axe and her iconic red cape, she was definitely a fan favorite.

3. Minerva from Final Fantasy XIV

The ⁣Queen of the Ananta from Final Fantasy XIV claimed the stage with her beauty and weaponry. From her iconic rapier to her dragon-emblazoned armor, there ‌was no shortage‌ of excitement for this cosplay.

4. Kirito from‍ Sword Art Online

Kirito from Sword Art Online was the clear favorite this ‌year at ⁤gamescom 2023. With his dual swords and determined stance, fans were⁣ drawn in ⁣by⁣ his ability to bring the game to life. ⁣He⁢ was also the​ proud​ winner of the gamescom 2023 cosque competition.

5. Sans from Undertale

This crowd favorite was hard to miss due to his bright blue hoodie and unique fashion. His most iconic accessory was of course, the skeleton face, which was ⁤a perfect rendition of the fan-favorite game character.


The ⁤cosplays presented at gamescom 2023 were truly unforgettable. From the grandiose to the humorous, fans around the world⁢ could appreciate each cosplayer’s ⁢interpretation‍ of their favorite characters. If you weren’t able to attend gamescom 2023, don’t worry! You can still‌ make time to ‍get in on the fun and dress ‍up as your​ favorite characters for gamescom 2024.

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