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Fnatic Legend Rekkles Makes Historic Move to ONE Esports

Fnatic Legend Rekkles Makes Historic Move to ONE Esports

League of Legends (LoL) esports organization Fnatic has announced historic news that their longtime‍ AD carry Martin ⁢”Rekkles”⁤ Larsson will be‍ joining Singapore-based esports organisation ONE ⁢Esports. An LoL esports legend, Rekkles has been ​a part of the Fnatic team since 2012, and moving to ONE Esports is a major​ shakeup for the League of Legends scene.‌

Rekkles is no ‌stranger to success, having won multiple EU LCS​ Championships‍ with ⁢Fnatic and earned himself a spot in ⁣the League of Legends Hall‍ of Fame. In ⁤his time with Fnatic, he has won multiple ⁢times at the EU LCS Championship, the EU LCS All-Star​ Event, the⁣ Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, and MSI 2017. He’s been a‍ vital ‌part of‌ the team’s success, and will ⁢bring​ that same success to ONE ​Esports.

The move ‍further solidifies ONE Esports’ venture ⁤into the League ⁢of Legends scene, positioning‍ them to⁣ compete against top competitors ⁢in​ League of Legends tournaments and leagues around the world.⁢ ONE Esports is ⁣the first ⁤esports-only organization to be founded in‌ Singapore, and signing Rekkles is a sign that they are ready‌ to make a⁢ big splash in ⁢the esport scene.

Rekkles had a few words to share regarding his move: “I am extremely proud to join‍ ONE Esports. I ‍have been‍ fortunate‍ to experience both amazing personal and team ⁣successes with Fnatic, as ⁣well as represent the team in numerous global events over the last eight years. After much‌ contemplation, I decided to take on a ‌new challenge ⁤as a ONE Esports player, which ⁣i am ⁣really looking forward to‍ and am excited about”.

Rekkles’ move to ONE ⁤Esports⁣ marks a new⁣ chapter in his career, and in the League of Legends esports ‌scene. ONE Esports has made a major step forward in their ⁢goal of becoming a major force in the​ LoL scene, and Rekkles’ experience and hard work will make them a⁢ contender in ‍both international and⁤ local competitions.


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