Fantasy Action RPG ‘Angeline Era’ Announced for PC Release

Fantasy Action RPG ‘Angeline Era’ Announced for PC Release

Developer Three One Zero and publisher 505 Games have announced an exciting new action-RPG called Angeline Era. Set in a vibrant fantasy world full of strange creatures, Angeline Era is an open-world RPG with exciting combat and a unique storyline.

According to the announcement, players will take control of a mysterious orphan called Angeline, who has been chosen by fate to become a powerful Hero. With her journey beginning in the mystical realm of the Great Tree of Eden, players will be tasked with unraveling the mysteries of the world. During her adventure, Angeline will battle powerful enemies and magical creatures, use her special weapons and abilities, and come face to face with powerful bosses.

Angeline Era will feature a vast and immersive world filled with unique characters, exciting locations, and plenty of secrets to uncover. The game boasts a dynamic combat system with intuitive controls and plenty of options for further customization. Additionally, the game will feature a wide variety of weapons and artifacts, along with a dynamic skill system.

Angeline Era will also feature extensive online features, including a PvE dungeon and a competitive arena for players to battle each other in. Additionally, the game will host weekly events for players to compete in and earn rewards. Players will also have the opportunity to join guilds and team up with others to explore the world together.

Angeline Era is set to release for PC this winter. While no specific release date has been announced yet, it is sure to be an exciting addition to the RPG genre. More information is expected to be revealed in the coming months.

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