Exploring the Top 100 Street Fighter 6 Player’s Character Choices – Who’s Missing Out?

Exploring the Top 100 Street Fighter 6 Player’s Character Choices – Who’s Missing Out?

Who’s the best‌ Street ‌Fighter 6 ⁣player? Many may prefer to answer this argument with a⁤ statement⁢ about ​how the best‌ player adapts to the situation at hand, and can use a wide range of⁣ characters thoughtfully and​ effectively. But overall, the list of the top 100 players by win rate has focused on ‌a remarkably consistent set of ‍characters. What’s the go-to choice among the top 100 players and who, ⁢if anyone, is missing ‌out?

The most common pick across the‍ board⁢ is EVO world champion Daigo Umehara’s⁤ favorite,‍ Ken.⁤ Ken has been a ​staple of the Street Fighter series since the 1990s, and his long-reaching attacks and unpredictable mix-ups have been a favorite of competitive players across the games. Ken is the ‍only character to appear in all of the top 100 players’ selection of characters, no doubt due ⁣to his reliability and dependability in a variety of situations.

Other popular choices for the​ top contenders of Street Fighter 6 ​are‍ Urien and Balrog. ⁢Urien has ⁣seen a resurgence in popularity ​among top players with his deadly array‍ of combos and‌ mix-ups that can ⁢leave the opponent guessing about ‍what their next move should be. His V-Trigger can also create ​a huge mixup potential ‌with his Prison Guard stance. Balrog, on the other hand, provides players an ​incredibly strong punisher game, with powerful buttons ‌and forward movement options.

There ⁢are a handful of other characters that have become mainstays on the top 100 players’ lists as​ well. These include Ibuki, Necalli, R.Mika, Rashid, and Zangief. Each‍ of these characters offer something a bit different than‌ what ​is ​provided by the top three, with Ibuki and Necalli offering ⁤excellent combo ‌potential,‌ Rashid⁢ providing an unorthodox approach to offensive ⁣play, and R.Mika and Zangief‌ providing a reliable grapple option.

The⁣ top 100 players have a fairly consistent selection‌ of characters but certain ​ones seem to missing ​from the list. ⁢This‌ includes well known characters such as Akuma, Cammy, Chun-Li, and‍ Vega. It’s possible that these characters are ⁢being⁤ overlooked due ⁣to their comparatively limited weaknesses and the variety of other viable options ‌that can be ⁢chosen ​in their place. However, each of ​these characters has the potential to make a huge impact on the ⁤competitive​ scene if⁢ utilized correctly.

As Street Fighter 6 ⁢continues to evolve, the top ⁢100 players ⁢will‌ undoubtedly adjust⁣ their ‍strategies and character choices to stay ahead of‌ the competition. ⁣It will be interesting to ⁢see if characters such as ⁤Akuma, Cammy, Chun-Li,​ and Vega make a belated entrance ​onto the list in the coming months.

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