Explore the Star Ocean: Second Story R Cast with 6 Character Profiles!

Explore the Star Ocean: Second Story R Cast with 6 Character Profiles!

Star Ocean: Second Story R is an action role-playing video game released by Enix for the PlayStation 4 and PC gaming platforms in 2018. The game is the remastered version of the original game from 1999. It features a refined version of the battle system and a revamped cast. Staring in the game are six main characters with their own special abilities and personalities. Let’s take a look at each one.

Rena Langford is the main female character in the game. She is a strong-willed, optimistic, and compassionate young woman who can cast special ancient spells. She has a great sense of justice and is always there for her friends.

Claude C. Kenny is the game’s male protagonist. He is a headstrong and mature adventurer with a great deal of swordsmanship and magical ability. His idealism helps him stay focused on his goals and drags him through many tough battles.

Ashton Anchors is a brash and fearless pirate captain from the planet Expel. He is generous and loves a good adventure. His twin blades and head-on fighting style make him a great addition to the team.

Celine Jules is a mysterious sorceress who speaks with a strange and foreign accent. She has a great aptitude for magic and is indispensable in battles. As a result of her time spent in the magical sea, she has grown a unique bond with the creatures of the deep.

Leon D.S. Geeste is a stoic young knight from the Kingdom of Shingouz. He is a master swordsman with a philosophical outlook on life. He is determined to protect those close to him and finds solace in the stars.

Opera Vectra is a mysterious witch who was cursed centuries ago. She has a vast knowledge of the occult and can use it to help the team in multiple ways. Her presence often leads to strange and curious encounters.

Exploring Star Ocean: Second Story R with its cast of characters is a refreshing and rewarding experience. Each of the six protagonists bring unique abilities and perspectives to the table. People playing the game can look forward to an exciting story of intergalactic adventure.

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