Experience Classic Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch!

Experience Classic Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch!

A few decades ago, the Super Mario RPG from Nintendo was the first of its kind: a cross-over between a platformer and an RPG. The beloved classic is now making a comeback – on the Nintendo Switch.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can play Super Mario RPG without skipping a beat. Nintendo has made the game readily available on their online store. Installing the ROM is easy, and it’s a great way to relive the classic RPG from over 20 years ago.

The game follows the same story as always: Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach. Mario, tired of the same old bashing and platforming, decides to give the RPG genre a try. Mario partners with other classic characters from the franchise, like Toad and Luigi, and embarks on a quest to save the Princess once again.

As expected, the gameplay in Mario RPG is quite interesting. You get to control Mario in the traditional RPG style, complete with turn-based battles and collecting items. On his way, Mario will find his friends to help him fight the bad guys. It’s an interesting twist on the RPG genre, and it makes for an engaging experience.

One of the great features of Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch is the local multiplayer mode. You can have up to two players explore the world together. There are also various mini-game style challenges that you can take part in for extra rewards.

One thing to note is that Super Mario RPG does lack in the graphics department. The game was originally released for the SNES, and you can tell when you look at the game today. However, the overall experience of the game is still enjoyable.

If you’ve never played Super Mario RPG or if you just want to revisit an old classic, the game is available now on the Nintendo Switch. With the multiplayer mode, the game can be a perfect way to bond with friends and family, reminiscence over classic Mario adventures, and work together to save Princess Peach.

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