Elden Ring DLC Development ‘On Track’: From Software Owner

Elden Ring DLC Development ‘On Track’: From Software Owner

Elden Ring DLC Development ‘On Track’: From Software Owner

Good news for fans of the upcoming action-adventure game Elden Ring. The ⁤development of its DLC is rolling right ⁢along​ according to its developer, From Software.

The announcement came during the Sony​ State of Play event, which ⁣was part of the festivities for‌ Tokyo Games Show 2020. ⁤During ​the event, Hidetaka‌ Miyazaki,‌ the president of ‍From Software, commented on ​the‌ development of DLC for⁣ Elden‌ Ring.

Miyazaki said that the development of the game’s DLC is “on track” and ​that fans⁢ should look forward‌ to its release.‍ He provided no further information on the‌ DLC itself but ‍stressed its development is ongoing and​ the⁣ game’s content director⁢ is working hard on ⁣making ​sure it’s up to the studio’s standards.

This‍ comes after months⁢ of speculation regarding the future of ⁤the game. Elden Ring was first announced during E3 2019 but has been quiet ever since. Despite the silence, ⁣fans have speculated that the game’s ⁤development is‌ still on track and that​ it​ should ‌eventually come out.

Elden Ring is set ‌to be a unique action-adventure game⁣ that​ combines both its own lore with elements from the Dark Souls series and other works⁣ by From Software. As‌ such, it’s sure to be a‌ hit with fans of the studio’s previous works and newcomers alike.

The announcement of⁣ DLC development is sure to be reassuring to most fans. It’s a sign that the game is still on track and that the developers are working hard to ensure it ​meets their standards. For those looking forward to getting their hands on the game, however, it means the wait may​ be a bit longer. ⁢

Elden Ring has ​still yet to ⁣get a confirmed ⁤release date but it’s reassuring to know that the development of its future DLC is ‍at least on track.‍ Whatever the end result may be,⁤ the future certainly‍ looks​ bright ⁣for From Software’s next big title.

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