Double Trouble: Topson Signs with Tundra Esports for TI12

Double Trouble: Topson Signs with Tundra Esports for TI12

Relentless, grinding, and consistent from playing together for years — this is exactly how you can describe⁢ the amazing professional Dota 2 duo, Topson and Tundra ⁢Esports. With TI12 looming around the corner, it comes‌ as no surprise that the two sides announced an agreement for⁤ the youth phenom to ⁢join the organization for the largest tournament of the year.

The 19-year-old Topher “Topson” ‍Waltz stunned the entire Dota⁢ 2 universe when he ⁤began ⁢his elite ​pro campaign, leading to his ​quick ascension among the world’s best players. To that same note, Topson has been​ able to find⁣ great chemistry and synergy playing alongside his long-time teammate,⁢ Execration’s EE-Sama. The​ pair‌ placed first in WESG 2017 and​ 2nd in The International 2018 together.

Joining the Tundra Esports roster, part of the Swedish Esports Association, puts the two Dota stars⁤ on a ⁢roster full of experienced players who are no strangers to international events. The ⁣organization has become notorious for successfully recruiting younger talents, and are‌ looking to compete at the highest‌ level with ⁤Topson aboard.

Head of the Esports Association, Johan “LandM” Alte, had this to say about the acquisition:

We are ecstatic to announce the addition of Topson to the Tundra Esports. We⁤ have been‌ keeping a close eye on his development and​ growth from when he had almost no experience playing on the professional scene and his potential was heavily questioned. We are now looking ⁤forward to having him as a ⁤part of our team ⁢and believe he will be an integral piece of our puzzle for the upcoming TI.

In a statement, Topson expressed⁤ his ‍excitement for competing alongside⁢ the ‌organization this upcoming summer:

Joining Tundra ⁤Esports feels like the perfect fit. I am immensely honored to⁣ have the ‍opportunity ⁤to ⁤compete with some of the best players in the world, and ‌I am excited to take the​ stage as ⁤I look to prove all my doubters wrong.

Take a look‌ at the Tundra Esports roster we will see competing at TI12‌ this year: EE-Sama, Hosiask, Muge, and Topson. It looks ⁣like the two will bring in a reloaded lineup full of young talents looking​ to⁣ compete at the highest level.

Welcome to Tundra Esports, Topson! All eyes turn to another dynamic duo at TI12.

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