Dino Patti’s Mission to Ignite Indie Multiplayer Revolution

Dino Patti’s Mission to Ignite Indie Multiplayer Revolution

Dino Patti, one of the founders of Juuust and the CEO of Digital Dreams, is on a mission to ignite an indie multiplayer revolution. Dino started his journey as a game developer at REMEDY Entertainment, after which he co-founded playdead, a powerful indie game company. It was at playdead that Dino developed “Limbo” and “Inside”–two acclaimed indie games.

After his success with playdead, Dino took the plunge into his own indie game company, which was to be known as Juuust. His goal was to provide indie game developers with the opportunity to build games with more freedom, flexibility and innovation than commercial titles. Through Juuust, Dino was able to pioneer “Requiem”–a story-driven, multiplayer shooter launched on Steam in May 2018.

Dino continued his mission by founding Digital Dreams, an indie game development foundation with the goal of helping games reach a larger and more diverse audience. Through Digital Dreams, Dino has partnered with more than 500 developers for game jams and has provided mentorship, resources, and support to figure out how to develop games and become profitable.

Dino’s ultimate mission is to create an ecosystem that allows indie game developers to have the freedom to create and innovate, while also getting the support and resources they need to succeed. Digital Dreams has become the go-to place for indie developers looking for resources, networking, and mentorship. Dino’s vision is to help Indie game developers take their projects all the way to commercial success.

The indie game revolution has come a long way since Dino’s journey started. With his help, more and more talented developers are given the opportunity to craft amazing games and turn them into sustainable businesses. It is this mission that has driven and inspired Dino; a mission that will continue to inspire generations of indie game developers to come.

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