Destiny 2’s Surprisingly Great ‘Eververse’ Concession: Simple and Effective

Destiny 2’s Surprisingly Great ‘Eververse’ Concession: Simple and Effective

When the second⁣ installment of the Destiny series, Destiny 2, was released, people quickly became divided over the⁢ newly introduced ‘Eververse’ concession stand. This in-game store allowed players ⁤to purchase many⁢ items like emotes⁤ and armor with real-world ​money. But it is surprising, even to those who‌ originally were critical of⁣ it, that ​it has been surprisingly great and​ has become ‌a true success story.

Most of the criticism of the Eververse store was regarding the way players directly paid for items with money. Other ‌microtransactions in games often ​involve only unlocking content ‌that players can work towards, but the Eververse store goes beyond that⁤ and allows players to purchase desirable⁣ items ​directly. This was seen as a ‌negative by some and reeked of ‘pay to win.’

But Bungie got ​it right. The items made​ available are aesthetic only.‍ Each item has no ‍impact on the game ‌mechanics ⁤or stats, so it doesn’t unbalance gameplay as could have ⁣been the case. ⁢Additionally, they added a lot of items that give players many options in terms of personalizing their in game ⁤look. The microtransactions never feel forced either. With bounties,⁣ events, and missions,⁢ players can earn enough to buy what they want without spending ⁣money.

Adding to ⁤the ⁣fact that the main mechanic of​ the Eververse store is well managed,⁢ Bungie’s spectacular customer‍ service ⁣can’t be ignored. They take ‌the support of their​ players very seriously and go above⁤ and beyond to make sure⁤ that ‍everyone ⁢is happy. When ‍it comes to the Eververse, the customer support team ‌was immensely helpful, even when players had issues in ⁣areas the store didn’t influence.

So, the Eververse has ⁢been a great addition to the Destiny ‍2 community and is loved ⁣by many players. It wasn’t what skeptics ⁤expected, but it has been simple and effective.

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