Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy: A Flashback That Does More Harm than Good for FOMO

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy: A Flashback That Does More Harm than Good for FOMO

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy‍ arrived ⁢with a bang. Many fans are excited to jump back into the‍ world of the Guardians,‍ shoot some enemies, and even ‍explore new areas–and, at the same time, lament the loss of the ‌original franchise. But the inclusion of the familiar faces and locations from The Taken King expansion has caused more harm than good, triggering players’ fear of ‍missing out, or “FOMO.”

The Taken King expansion was one of‍ the most beloved expansions ​in the original Destiny. ⁤Many players found‌ it to be a more engaging and rewarding experience than its predecessors, with its story missions, characters, and locations becoming ‌an integral part of their memories of‌ the game. This new season of Destiny 2 isn’t a direct‌ sequel to The Taken King, but it does contain many ‍of the same things. This has caused some disappointment among some fans, who expected to see completely new content from the‍ game, ​instead of seeing much of the same stuff.

The inclusion of the old content is also⁣ triggering feelings of FOMO among some players, whose memories of The ⁢Taken King are stirring once again⁤ and causing ⁣them‍ to regret missing out on it.‍ This ⁢is especially true for those who missed ⁢out on the ⁢original Destiny⁢ and its expansions the first time⁣ around, as they are ‌now unable to experience‍ the same nostalgic moments ​as everyone else. It also affects players who might be considering returning to the game ‍after not playing for a while, as they are now much less likely ‍to come back ⁤due to ⁢the feeling ‍that they ​have already‌ missed too much.

Ultimately, the inclusion ⁤of these ‌familiar faces ‌and places from The Taken King might have been intended to give longtime fans a sense of⁣ nostalgia,⁤ but it ⁤has had the opposite effect, instilling feelings of FOMO and making it harder for those returning to the game to catch ‌up with everyone else. Even for ⁢players who did play the original game, it has taken away the ⁤sense of excitement and novelty that typically comes with the start of a new expansion.

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