David Harbour Set to Lead ‘Creature Commandos’ for 10 Years

David Harbour Set to Lead ‘Creature Commandos’ for 10 Years

David⁤ Harbour, “Stranger Things” star, is set to lead “Creature Commandos” for the next 10 ‍years. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news on Wednesday that Harbour​ had closed a 10-year overall​ deal⁤ with ⁣Warner Bros. Television, which marks the ​first overall ⁤studio ​deal for ​the actor. ⁣

The project was written by Academy ⁢Award-winner Walter⁢ Parkes and⁣ Laurie MacDonald , based off ⁣a DC Comics series from‌ the ⁤1960s. The concept was described as being set ⁤in a “top-secret, monster-filled military unit during World War⁤ II.” ⁣ Steven Speilberg’s Amblin Television ⁣will co-produce the show and Harbour will‍ serve as a creative member of​ the production.

The DC​ Comics series, first launched in 1962, included a⁣ comic book along with a toy line with action figures. The series includes Sgt. Frank Rock, Dr. Canus and ​a werewolf, vampire, and a mermaid. The⁣ team ⁣fought crime‌ and unearthly monsters for the United⁢ States military. The original ‌series was created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Gill.

Harbour followed⁤ up the news with his enthusiasm on​ Twitter, writing “CREATURE COMMANDOS!!!!! this⁢ is gonna be so rad and in like ten years you can ​say‍ you knew it could happen from the start.” ⁢

Harbour is currently starring in ⁤Apple TV+ ⁢drama “Ted Lasso.” He won an Emmy‍ nod for his third season performance as Jim Hopper​ in “Stranger Things.” He is also ‌set to star in “The Lovebirds,” for CBS All Access, and in Netflix’s “Culture ⁢Clash.” ‌ ⁢

Harbour is repped by WME, Authentic Talent & Literary Management and Jackoway Austen⁤ Tyerman.

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