D.Va Joins Gentle Monster For Exclusive ‘Overwatch 2’ Collaboration

D.Va Joins Gentle Monster For Exclusive ‘Overwatch 2’ Collaboration

Blizzard⁢ Entertainment recently ⁢announced that world-famous professional gamer D.Va will be joining forces with South Korean eyewear ⁤brand Gentle Monster for an‍ exclusive “Overwatch 2” collaboration. The‍ timed-exclusive collaboration was first revealed⁤ at this year’s BlizzCon and has been highly-anticipated by gamers and eyewear enthusiasts alike.

The collaboration ⁢will feature a special edition of Gentle Monster’s most ​popular sunglasses model, the SHRIN, with a custom ‌design inspired by D.Va’s ‌iconic mech suit and ​color palette. The frames will be available exclusively for a limited ​time on the Overwatch 2 website starting November 1 and at select Gentle Monster locations ‍in December.

The special edition of the SHRIN will⁢ feature a⁢ daring combination of lenses and‌ frames, with the blue tone of the lenses complementing the gold, blue, and red accents⁣ of the⁤ frames. The frames also come ⁢with a free carrying case and cleaning cloth, both ⁣of which feature the‌ Overwatch ‌2 logo and special artwork of D.Va.

The collaboration between D.Va and‌ Gentle Monster marks a ⁢significant ‍milestone for both the ‍Overwatch and eyewear communities. For D.Va, it is her first ever collaboration as part of Overwatch 2, while for​ Gentle Monster, it is their first foray into the gaming space and a chance​ to expand their brand ‌beyond their existing audience.

The⁢ collaboration has been a hit​ with gamers and fans of D.Va alike, with many expressing their excitement ⁢and eagerness for the exclusive eyewear. Whether you are a die-hard D.Va fan, an eyewear enthusiast,⁣ or just ⁢someone looking to​ add a little more‍ style to their gaming wardrobe, this​ one-of-a-kind collaboration is sure to make a statement. ⁤

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