Cities: Skylines Sequel Set for Spring 2024 Launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Cities: Skylines Sequel Set for Spring 2024 Launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Cities:⁣ Skylines, a ‍city-building simulator, is planning to launch a sequel in spring 2024 on both the PlayStation 5 console and the Xbox Series X/S. ⁤This upcoming game is expected to bring with it a host of features and improvements, including a new 3D engine, ‌better performance, improved city mechanics, and a ⁣longer campaign. The game is also being developed in collaboration with several major companies, including Colossal Order, Paradox Interactive, and Microsoft.

Colossal Order, the developer behind the original Cities:⁣ Skylines,‌ is coaching the upcoming sequel, which ‍will be built on a new 3D engine.⁢ This new engine will allow for more⁣ realistic cityscapes, a ⁤higher ‌frame rate, and improved graphics. It ​will also​ create new opportunities for modding, as well⁢ as more intricate city building mechanics.

In addition,⁣ the‍ game will feature a larger and more expansive ⁢campaign mode. The game will offer more missions, more challenges,‍ and⁢ more options, as well as different story arcs and ‍side quests. Players will ⁢be ⁢able ⁣to experience this⁣ story while building and managing ‌their cities.

The sequel to Cities: Skylines is being developed with the help of Paradox Interactive, who will be handling ​the publishing side of ⁣the‌ game. ‌Microsoft, on the other hand, is contributing to the development of the game ​and providing technical ⁣support. Microsoft will also add additional features‌ to the game, such as Xbox⁣ Live support,⁢ cross-platform play, and‌ Kinect support.

Cities: Skylines⁤ is ‌a fan favorite game ⁢due to its deep ​gameplay and​ realism. With the help⁣ of Colossal Order, and⁤ the collaboration of Paradox Interactive and Microsoft, it’s‍ expected ‌that the sequel to Cities: Skylines will build ⁣on the success of the first game and become even more popular. Fans will have to wait until spring 2024 to get their hands on the game, but it looks like it ‌will be worth the wait.

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