Chet Faliszek Warns Developers: Avoid Early Access After ‘The Anacrusis’ Disaster

Chet Faliszek Warns Developers: Avoid Early Access After ‘The Anacrusis’ Disaster

Celebrated game development‌ expert Chet Faliszek recently made a statement to all game developers ⁣out ⁤there, warning them⁣ to stay away from early access for game ⁤development and to learn from the disastrous launch of “The Anacrusis.”

Faliszek,⁣ who has worked on beloved titles ⁣such as the “Half-Life 2” ⁣trilogy, explained that ‍game developers ​should ⁣think twice ⁢before committing to early access ⁤for their games, ‌citing “The Anacrusis” as an example of how disastrous an un-polished and incomplete game can be.

Faliszek stated that not only⁣ had the early access launch of “The Anacrusis”⁢ been⁣ an overall failure, but that it also left a⁤ bad taste in the ⁤mouth of gamers who had shelled out the money for it.‌ In addition to the game not delivering on its promises of improved graphics, faster‍ loading times, and improved artificial intelligence ‍(AI), the game’s overall quality was deemed unimpressive.

Faliszek⁤ went on to commend the developers of “The Anacrusis” for having ⁢the courage to‍ launch in early access, but warned that similar⁣ projects should not be taken ​lightly. Before committing to the early access market, developers should ⁣have a clear‌ idea of what ‌their goals are​ and what they’re hoping to accomplish with ​the game.

Ultimately, Faliszek‌ argued that‌ while early access can be good for testing and⁣ balancing a game and for getting early⁢ feedback from players, ⁤it should never be used as a platform for marketing or selling⁣ an ⁣unfinished game. He concluded ‍his statement with a reminder that early access games are usually at​ least one⁢ year away from being a released⁤ product and should thus only be used for serious development purposes.

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