Capcom Delights Fans at Showcase 2023: Highlights and Trailers Revealed

Capcom Delights Fans at Showcase 2023: Highlights and Trailers Revealed

At the highly-anticipated Showcase 2023, Capcom delighted fans with exciting new reveals and trailers for upcoming and established franchises. During the event, Capcom also provided an in-depth look into the production process for these titles, showing fans how each game is made.

One of the first reveals was of Street Fighter V. The fifth installment in this iconic franchise features a range of new characters, graphical and gameplay improvements, and an impressive cinematic story mode. Fans were also given a sneak peak of the game’s cinematics and tutorial mode, with producers discussing the various visual effects and dynamic action sequences.

Following this, Capcom unveiled a spiritual successor to its classic horror game, Dino Crisis. Titled Dino Crisis: Rewrite, the upcoming game follows the same basic premise as its predecessor, but with a much more modern twist. This includes improved graphics, level designs, and gameplay mechanics. Rewrite was accompanied by two trailers, one depicting the game’s horror elements and the other showcasing more action-based sequences.

The final major announcement was Resident Evil 8: Village. The eighth installment in the beloved Resident Evil franchise takes place in a mysterious European village and features a variety of monsters, puzzles and haunting locations. Fans were shown several gameplay trailers, showcasing a range of new weapons, environments and items used to survive throughout the game.

Overall, Capcom succeeded in delivering an incredible showcase and providing highly engaging content to long time and new fans alike. With the upcoming releases of Street Fighter V, Dino Crisis: Rewrite and Resident Evil 8: Village, it’s safe to say that Capcom is in for another successful year.

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