Bungie & EA Vets Venture North to Form Look North World

Bungie & EA Vets Venture North to Form Look North World

Two⁤ gaming ⁣industry veterans have teamed up ‌to create​ a⁤ new ⁣studio, ⁢aptly⁢ called Look ⁤North. ‌The⁣ studio is‌ spearheaded ‌by veterans⁣ of game‌ development studio⁣ Bungie and‍ electronic ‍arts ‍(EA) ⁣- companies ⁢known ⁤for creating ​popular games such as⁢ Destiny‍ and‌ the Battlefield series respectively. ⁤

Look North, ‌based in ​Vancouver, was‍ founded ⁣by ​former⁤ Bungie employee Adam ‌Moore,​ and ‌former EA⁢ executive Brett Douville. Both of their experience ⁢are ‍integral to the‍ founding of this new studio,‍ enabling ‍them​ to ‌tap ​their ‌insider knowledge of‍ the​ game industry ‌to create a unique development strategy.⁢

The‍ studio’s focus ⁢is ‌on creating top-tier gaming experiences,‍ with over 15 years ⁤of‍ combined⁤ industry experience. They’ve ‌already ​begun work on ‍a small ⁣number of projects ⁢which⁤ they plan‌ to debut​ over the ⁣next several ⁤years. While much of ​the ‍work ‍will remain confidential ⁣for​ the ‍time being, the studio‌ has‍ already ⁢released ⁣a few​ teaser ​images ⁣which ⁢give a ​small hint​ of ‌what’s to ⁢come. ⁤

The ‌team also announced‍ a partnership with Axis Animation,⁢ a​ Glasgow, UK-based⁣ animation‍ studio, to bring ⁤their​ rich ⁢and⁤ vibrant‌ visual ‌style to ​the ​Look ‌North studio. ​The relationship ​between⁣ the two studios promises to ⁣create some ⁣incredible ⁢experiences ‌that ⁤will​ make the ‌most ‌of ‌both teams’ ⁤expertise.

Look ⁢North ‍is ​certainly a⁤ studio ⁢to ⁤watch. With ⁤its ⁢founding ​directors’ ⁣experience and ​integrity, ‌the ​team is ​well positioned to make ⁤a⁤ major ‍impact⁢ in ⁤the ⁢gaming ​world in the years ⁤to ⁣come. ⁣Exciting things are clearly​ on​ the way, ​as ⁣potential projects ⁣are‌ unveiled.

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