Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Launches with Discount: Jet Set Radio Successor is Now Out!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Launches with Discount: Jet Set Radio Successor is Now Out!

Bomb⁣ Rush Cyberfunk – the long wanted successor to Jet Set Radio – is⁤ finally here. After a long wait, Sega finally delivers‌ on the gaming experience that fans have been eagerly awaiting for almost two decades. As part ⁤of‌ the initial launch, those who purchase the game will ‌get a limited ⁤time discount, offering the game at a⁢ discounted rate.⁣ Here’s what you need to know​ about Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an open-world action-adventure game set in ​the futuristic city of Shibuya. Players ‌will⁤ find themselves exploring the city ‌as they attempt to⁣ overthrow a tyrannical mega-corporation. In the game, ⁣players will be able to pull ‍off crazy stunts as⁣ they rollerblade, ⁣skateboard, and snowboard through the city. Players will also be able to customize their characters, ourfit them with gear, and equip weapons.

Eye-popping Visuals

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is powered⁤ by ‌Highwire, a new engine that powers the stunning visuals of ⁣the game. Thanks to Highwire, the game boasts gorgeous visuals ‍and animation with‍ vibrant colors and explosive effects. It’s an eye-catching experience, one that ‌will keep players engaged with the game.

Timeless Music

The game also features an eclectic soundtrack featuring music from some of the top names in the Hip-Hop and‍ EDM‍ genres. These include new tracks from the likes of M.O.P, KRS-One, The Game, and many more. ‍This soundtrack is sure to etch its way into⁣ the minds of players for days ​to come.

Available ⁢Now

The wait is ​over and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is finally here. Players can purchase⁤ the game at a‌ discounted price for a limited time. Whether you want to experience the open-world, take on the evil corporation, or enjoy the eclectic soundtrack, now is the time to experience Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

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