Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Discover Hilarious Avatar: The Last Airbender Easter Egg!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Discover Hilarious Avatar: The Last Airbender Easter Egg!

‍The popular role-playing video game, Baldur’s Gate 3, has been delighting players around the⁢ world since its release last year. But one player has uncovered a hidden‌ Easter egg that makes the game even more enjoyable: an avatar from the beloved Nickelodeon show, Avatar: The‌ Last Airbender.

Reddit user @Netafaygo recently shared a screenshot of the charming surprise in ‌the game.⁤ An alt-tabbed window in the background of the player’s character ​screen shows an ​Avatar: The Last ​Airbender character release announcement. In the image, the ‌user’s character is ​dressed in a similar style to the Avatar main character, Aang.

The surprise feeling of discovery was not lost on Reddit users, with several commenters joking that “it’s like Deep Space‌ Nine all over again!” Others simply cheered for​ the discovery and shared their delight in the coincidence.

It ‌appears the Easter egg isn’t ⁢strictly based on Avatar: The Last‍ Airbender, however. One ‍user⁤ pointed out that the image appears to have ‍been generated using images from Final Fantasy XIII.

However, regardless of the its source, it’s a fun‍ and creative touch from ‍the game developers. The discovery has also brought the joy of Avatar: The Last Airbender to⁤ the Baldur’s‍ Gate 3 ⁢community, something that has kept fans of the show happy for⁢ well⁣ over a decade.

It’s unclear whether this Easter egg has any other uses besides providing a few smiles, but it’s ‍certain that the Easter egg can brighten up any playthrough of Baldur’s Gate ​3. It’s just one of the ways that the game has​ embraced its fans’ ‍love of creativity, ⁣and a first in a series of Easter eggs players have the chance to uncover.

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