ARC Raiders Set to Launch Closed Alpha Test This Month

ARC Raiders Set to Launch Closed Alpha Test This Month

The upcoming top-down shooter, ARC Raiders, has been generating a great deal of interest all over the world of gaming throughout its development. This month marks an important leap forward for the game as developer Night Street Games has announced a closed alpha test. The alpha will be available to just a limited amount of players, giving them a unique opportunity to get early access to the game before its official launch later in 2021.

For those unfamiliar with the game, ARC Raiders is a highly anticipated top-down shooter that promises to feature jaw-dropping visuals and intense combat. Players will join two separate game modes, in online play or offline against AI opponents, in battles to become the top-ranked ARC Raider. They will fight to earn reputation, completing missions and scavenging for resources such as oxygen, food, and technology, letting them upgrade their ship and build the ultimate raiding crew.

The alpha test promises a first look at the game, allowing a select number of players to experience some of the features of ARC Raiders in advance and share their opinions on the development process. Furthermore, in-game rewards and exclusive content will be available as part of the alpha test for all participants. It will also give Night Street Games the opportunity to test out the game’s servers and systems, ensuring a smoother and better experience when the game launches later in the year.

The closed alpha test is only available on invitation for the eager players. For those interested in participating, they will have to keep checking Night Street Games Twitter and Discord for potential spots. To stay updated with the latest development, players can also visit the official website.

The closed alpha test for ARC Raiders begins this month and it will be an exciting opportunity for all the eager players. Make sure to keep an eye on Night Street Games social media for a chance to join the elite ranks of ARC Raiders alpha testers.

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