5 Spooky Short Horror Games to Play This October

5 Spooky Short Horror Games to Play This October

As Halloween approaches, horror games⁤ become increasingly popular; they are a way ⁤to celebrate the creepy and macabre atmosphere that is associated with the holiday.​ If ⁤you are looking for some quick terror thrills, here is a list of ‌five spooky, short‌ horror games you can play this October:

  1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent takes ⁢place in a mysterious horror setting in 1839, where you ⁤must⁣ survive and⁤ uncover ​secrets while navigating through a castle full of monsters and dangers. This game ‌is considered ⁣one‌ of the most influential ⁢and scariest horror games of all time and has won multiple awards.
  2. Outlast grounds itself in a‌ psychiatric hospital where something sinister is going on. As you explore through this grim prison, you must use your⁢ limited resources to stay alive and ⁢figure ​out what‌ is happening.
  3. Five Nights at Freddy’s is⁢ a popular horror series⁢ that has spawn four ⁤main games and a wealth of different ⁤spin-offs.⁢ You take on the role ‌of a ⁢security guard and must ⁢survive the night in⁤ a family pizza restaurant⁣ full of‍ violent animatronic robots.
  4. SOMA is a sci-fi horror game that takes priavce in an underwater research facility in the year 2104.⁤ As you explore the haunting and dark setting, you must​ search for clues‍ to help uncover the mystery.
  5. Fran Bow is a point-and-click horror​ adventure ​game with ⁤a creepy and atmospheric tone. The game is set in ⁢a strange and‌ eerie world where you take control of Fran, a disturbed young girl. You must use your wits and the help of a mysterious black cat ‍to help reveal⁣ dark secrets and⁢ escape a mental ⁤asylum.

No matter what your taste ‍in ​horror games may ‌be, there’s something on this ⁤list to satisfy it. So ⁢grab a controller, a handful of candy, ⁣and a good ⁣pair of headphones-​ it’s October and time⁤ to get your scare on!

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