11 Games to Give You a Much-Needed Win Today – Hard Drive

11 Games to Give You a Much-Needed Win Today – Hard Drive

Down in ​the ‍dumps?​ Is the ⁤windshield getting to be a little⁢ too much? We’ve all been there before, and it’s alright. Life’s ​a roller⁢ coaster ride, and sometimes you just need something ⁣to turn the‍ day around and restore ​your‌ confidence. Enter these⁢ 11 video‌ games⁤ that will undoubtedly give⁢ you ‍a​ much-needed win today.

1. Stardew Valley

The king of wholesome video games, Stardew Valley is a perfect way to turn your frown⁤ upside down in a lighthearted, charming farming simulator. It’s easy to pick up, and come on, who⁣ doesn’t love growing vegetables ‌and even ‌taking care of animals?

2. Minecraft

The ‌masterpiece indie game of our time, ⁢Minecraft offers almost infinite possibilities for construction⁣ and ​storytelling. Whether you enjoy survival mode or just building sprawling modern mansions, you ‍can always‌ find‌ something to‌ keep you occupied.

3. The Sims 4

Live the life ‍you’ve always wanted. ⁤No, seriously. Make⁤ your own Sim and ⁢lead ⁢it to ​greatness.‌ Play the career, participate in relationships,‍ and build any sort of house you can think of. There are no ⁢limits in the Sims universe.

4. Call of ⁣Duty

If you’re looking for an online first-person shooter​ to give you a​ much-needed win, you⁢ won’t be disappointed with the perennially ‍popular Call‌ of ⁤Duty. ⁢Choose from nine ⁣different game modes and ⁤rank up quickly ​with each win.

5. Crash Bandicoot N. ‌Sane‌ Trilogy

Take a trip down memory lane with‍ the Crash Bandicoot remastered trilogy. Three full 3-D remastered games ⁤of ‌your favorite hedgehog provide plenty of nostalgic fun that‍ might just bring back ​a little bit of joy into your life.

6. Grand Theft⁣ Auto V

The ‍classic open world game, Grand Theft Auto V, allows you to really go wild and participate in⁢ a fantasy world of crime,⁤ corruption, and culture. Fly around San Andreas’ ​endless cityscape⁣ on one of the ‌game’s many heists.

7. Rocket League

Hop into a⁤ car and race/play soccer against five other competitors. Rocket⁤ League is a fast-paced, intense⁤ multiplayer game that is sure to get ‌your blood pumping‍ and your⁢ reflexes sharper than ever. Just don’t forget to enjoy the triple boost.

8. Cuphead

Cuphead is guaranteed to give you the​ sense of⁢ accomplishment you’ve been searching for. A​ brutally challenging game, Cuphead isn’t yet another mindless shooter. Instead,⁤ you’ll have to rely on your own skill and strength to make progress and⁤ beat the game.


Run through a full season of football with ‍the⁣ latest‍ iteration of FIFA.⁤ The improved ⁣physics engine also adds⁣ intangibles that make a win more real than ever. Finally, the ⁤ability to​ build your own Ultimate Team can extend your FIFA experience.

10. ⁤Fortnite

The king of battle royale genre, Fortnite has brought joy to millions across the⁢ world. Not only ​does it provide thrills and chills through its high-stakes‍ gameplay,⁢ but it also offers ​a cosmetics library that⁣ will bring out ⁢your⁤ creative⁢ side. Plus, you just can’t beat those Victory Royales.

11. Super​ Smash Bros.

For that perfect ‍dopamine hit,‌ pick up Super⁤ Smash Bros. on the Nintendo ‍Switch. With its⁣ easy-to-learn controls and single player adventure mode, it’s guaranteed to make ‍you feel‍ like a ‍champion.​ And, let’s face it, ⁣it’s fun ⁢just to ⁣watch your friends ‌get dunked.

No matter what game you choose to play, it’s ⁤sure to give you‍ the ⁤win you’ve been searching for. Life is hard, but ‌it‌ doesn’t have to be all‍ doom and⁢ gloom. Give one (or⁤ all!) of the games⁢ listed above a shot and allow yourself to reap in the glory of a much-needed win ‌today.

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