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PR Balrog Unleashes Juri Matchup Chart For Street Fighter 6

On March 18th,‌ professional​ Street Fighter player and ‍commentator ⁣PR Balrog released his latest matchup chart for Juri in Street Fighter 6.⁤ The chart​ compares Juri’s matchups with every other Street Fighter 6 character, based on her playstyle and execution….

Chile’s Fabibi Unleashes Sexy Street Fighter V Cosplay with Killer Bee’s Design

Chile’s cosplayer Fabibi is certainly no stranger to amazing artistry in her costumes! From sleek steampunk styles to the undeniable anime vibes, her cosplay game is seriously on point! This time, she turns it up a notch with her sexy…

Nintendo Unleashes an Array of Exciting New Mario Games!

Nintendo has recently announced the release of multiple new Mario games, sure to excite all the Super Mario Bros fans out there! Between the Switch, 3DS, and mobile gaming platforms, users can choose from several options with the classic Mario…