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Konami’s Cost-Cutting Strategy for Metal Gear Solid: Eliminating Late-Night Development Work Hours

Konami, the leading video game‌ developer and ⁣publisher, has taken a‍ unique approach ‍to cost-cutting for ​its highly-anticipated hit title Metal Gear ⁤Solid.⁤ To achieve significant ​cost ⁤savings, ⁢the company has ‌eliminated⁢ late-night development work hours and begun ​shifting resources…

New Survival Strategy Game “Dark and Darker” Pushes Players to Start from Scratch Every Few Months

The new survival game “Dark and Darker” is taking the gaming⁢ industry ⁤by storm and pushing players to extreme levels of preparedness when it comes to survival techniques and strategies. Developed⁣ by Swedish studio Red Hill, the game revolves around…