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BLANK Studio Scores $17 Million Investment from NEOWIZ, Led by Ex CD Projekt Red Developers

BLANK​ Studio, a startup composed of Condor Games co-founder and ex-CD Projekt Red developers, has recently raised a ‍$17 ​million investment from NEOWIZ. The announcement on twitter reads: We are excited to announce that BLANK Studio is⁤ joining forces with…

10/10 Scores and Rave Reviews for PlayStation Plus’ New Free RPG

PlayStation Plus’ new ⁢free ‌RPG has been gaining rave reviews and 10/10 scores from multiple sources. Critics have praised the stunning visuals, deep narrative, challenging and exciting gameplay, and new features that‍ make the game stand out from the competition….

Sonic Frontiers Scores Huge Savings for Prime Day 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023 was a huge success for Sonic Frontiers – the exclusive e-commerce retailer – who leveraged the event’s power to score incredible savings on a selection of their must-have products. With Prime Day shoppers loading up on…