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Team17 Issues Profit Warning but Insists Bright Future Ahead

After much speculation in⁢ the City this morning, Team17, one of the biggest independent developers in the video game industry, have ‌issued a profit warning. However, the head of the company, Debbie Bestwick, ⁣insists that this is merely a‌ temporary…

Battlefield 2042 – Map Issues Resolved After Two Years

​ Developer ⁢EA ​DICE has announced that the​ highly ⁣anticipated sequel in the Battlefield⁤ series,‍ 2042, ‍is finally ⁢released ⁣after ​2 years of waiting.⁣ Despite⁣ difficulties such as the lack ‍of new maps, ⁢this game promises ‌to⁣ satisfy ⁢lovers​ of…